Insinc Promotions

Our product knowledge and worldwide sourcing is as diverse and unique as our client base. Exceptional and dedicated customer service is the key to our corporate success.

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D. Wright, Marketing Coordinator, Trailer Wizards

As a national company, having our promotional items housed on one site has made it easier for us to operate a successful campaign while keeping down costs.

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E. Finionova, Marketing Communications,Crane Payment Innovations

We’ve been working with Insinc Promotions team for many years now and they never cease to surprise us. Insinc have their unique approach to each customer and event. Whether it’s a corporate celebration or a trade show or a meeting with important customers, the team always comes up with the most creative ideas which leave our employees and customers happy. Insinc is ready to take over any challenge we put in front of them and they solve it in no time. Always friendly and happy to help, Insinc Promotions team is so easy to work with and our company is very grateful to have such a wonderful vendor!

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P. McDonald, General Manager,Bradford White Canada Inc.

Insinc has become an integral part of our marketing effort. They have made a strong effort to understand our business, our philosophy and therefore our approach to our market. All our promotional efforts have been successful thanks to InSinc’s involvement.