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At Insinc we value your business and hope this dimension of adding a face to the person you may deal with but may not meet gives you a little insight into our personalities. Working at Insinc is like coming home, we finish each other’s sentences, know that food left unattended is up for grabs and everyone’s opinion matters. After all, you are known for the company you keep.

Irene Oseli Image
IRENE Oseli – President

The running of daily operations for a vibrant and growing promotional company requires a belief that every day is lesson and everyone is a teacher. No matter how crazy things get, Irene has the ability to find humour in most things believing levity creates clarity. However, it is also calming to know, that a, whatever the issue, the exceptional Insinc team will get it done. Often Irene can be seen with a tape measure in one hand and paint samples in the other, getting ready for the next office renovation. After all, change is good.

Leah Cormier Image
LEAH Cormier – Vice President

Leah has been with Insinc from day 1. Starting out as an account rep her diligence and creative talents quickly escalated her career to VP. Working with brands across nearly every industry, her hard work has resulted in Insinc Promotions winning the Gold, Silver and Bronze PPPC Image Awards. The only office with a door, Leah’s infectious laugh has been known to reverberate throughout the office, alerting all that she is watching something funny on YouTube. So if you look around and no one is at their desk, check the office of our Hot Sauce Connoisseur and join the Scoville unit debate of HOT, HOTTER & HOTTEST.

Aly Griffiths Image
ALY Griffiths –Executive Assistant

Meet Aly G, the newest member of Insinc Promotions. New to the branding & marketing industry, Aly’s organizational skills make her indispensable to the Insinc group. Coordinating promotional projects, designing catalogue programs, Aly can do it all. With little instruction and not much practice, Alys final initiation required her to ‘dive ‘right in to her final challenge at I Fly, Mississauga. We are happy to announce she soared above our expectations and passed with flying colours. She is now known as Adventurous Aly or AA.

Ginette Juha Image
GINETTE Juha– Account Executive

Ginette is another original member of Insinc Promotions. Known for her high energy approach to life and work, this account executive’s diverse talents make her an integral part of the Insinc team. Ginette’ s creative approach has her collaborating and managing multiple projects, yet still leaving time for her honorary title of Insinc fitness guru. Always on the move and ready for any challenge, Ginette (aka Frenchy) is also the resident Insinc translator.

Shea Davidson Image
SHEA Davidson – Administrative Assistance

If you want to know the status of any project, ask Shea. As hectic and busy as any day can get, Shea is the voice of reason and calm, making sure orders are on track and delivery dates will be met. Participant or spectator, weekends are different story for this office administrator, who you will find on the baseball diamonds during the summer or on the slopes during winter. Shea has also discovered the art of soup making and generously shares her culinary delights with the Insinc team. So, mind your manners or “No soup for you”

Irene Cappuccitti Image
IRENE Cappuccitti – Credit Manager

Good things come in small packages and wear stilettos. Irene C (aka Barbie, we have 2 Irene’s in the office) is our all things financial. Collecting or paying bills, Irene C lives by the motto, “Don’t worry, it will get done”. Busy from the moment she walks in, this high energy dynamo takes the time to drop the latest bombshell tidbits from her favorite reality TV Shows. The pets at the office also look forward to her arrival…probably because she carries prosciutto in her pockets? (Yes, we are pet friendly)